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New Tec Integration Xiamen Co Ltd (NTICO), founded in 1993 with a registered capital of USD 8 million, manufacture and sell folding and KD furniture, housewares, patio furniture, and outdoor leisure appliances. The total sales volume of the company for 2020 was USD 100 million.

The company is located in Xiamen, PR China, and enjoys very convenient transportation means by sea, land, and air. The total floor space of the factory buildings of the company is 100k sq. meters (about 1076k sq. feet), consisting of two sites:

I.              Fanghu Factory

Add.: 139 Fanghu West Road, Xiamen, FJ361009 China

Floor space:  25k sq. meters (about 269k sq. feet)

1.    Metal product section: consisting of the production facilities such as various ways of metal processing, powder coating and assembly lines for the manufacture of tubular metal furniture and metal housewares, with a monthly production capacity of around 200000 pcs of finished products.

2.    Wooden and upholstered furniture section: manufacturing the wooden furniture and the upholstered furniture with the brand name of GO FURNITURE. The wooden furniture is with water based paint, up to Eo standard, which is considered a relatively advanced position in China.

II.            Tong’an Branch

Add.:  Tongji Industrial Zone, Tong’an District, FJ361100, China

Floor space: 75k sq. meters (about 807k sq. feet)

1.    Tubing mill and metal component section: with 6 tubing mills together with the other metal processing facilities, supplying all the steel tube demanded by the production facilities of the above-mentioned two sites, and produce the metal components for the finished products of Tong’an Branch.

2.    Injection molding section: equipped with 39 injection molding machines the clamping force of which ranges from 150 MT to 450 MT, manufacturing all the injection molded parts for the products of the company.

3.    Aluminum section: consisting of the facilities such as aluminum alloy smelting, homogenization, extrusion, T6 heat treatment and aluminum surface treatment, manufacturing aluminum profiles for the production of furniture and housewares, with a monthly production capacity of 1500 MT of aluminum profiles.

4.    Vacuum mold section: equipped with 5 plastic sheet extruders, 8 vacuum forming machines, 3 gluing machines and the vacuum molded components production lines.

5.    Finish products section: equipped with powder coating lines and assembly lines, with a monthly output of around 600000 pcs of finished products.

6.    Tooling workshop: manufacturing all the necessary toolings for the production, including the injection molds, the vacuum forming molds, the metal process tools, welding jigs and measurement tools.

The company owns a test lab, capable of all the relevant tests of the products, including the analysis of the material, the spectrum analyzer of the aluminum alloy, the test devices for tensile test, shock test, torque test, strength tests, the equipment and instruments for the test of packaging material, the devices for the freeze tests, and the test machines for the hardware.

The company has implemented a vertically integrated working system, setting out with the new item designing and development, down through the mass production, quality control and after sales service of the products.

The company’s ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environment Management System have passed the assessments by SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services Co., Ltd. with UKAS Certificates issued.

The company has an R&D team and is quite good at developing new items, designing and making the products, the tools and the customized machines. The company’s independent intellectual property covers 70% of the products it has manufactured, and holds more than 300 patent rights regarding the designing of the products registered in China and in some other countries, including close to 100 patent rights of invention, which put the company in a leading position of the relevant industry in China.

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